August 22,2016

UHG Named LinkUp’s Top Career Site

UnitedHealth Group’s career site has been awarded first place in a detailed rating of the top 25 Fortune 500 company career sites. Horizontal Integration is proud to have partnered with UHG in building such an acclaimed site.

The rating system is based six qualities, and UHG got perfect marks on five of them, assuring its top place. LinkUp’s white paper on the ranking goes on to explain the trends that emerged from its study, noting progression in email automation, social plugins, and especially mobile.

This last trend is particularly important in the case of UHG. LinkUp wrote that “mobile friendliness was the lowest scoring category for the top 25 companies from the Fortune 500.” This trend only applies to those companies lower on the list, though—UHG scored a perfect 5.0 on Mobile, and LinkUp called out this accomplishment, saying, “The mobile version of their career site is easy to naviate and apply on the go.”

UHG was also praised on its search features, employee testimonials, and the opportunity to interact with their recruiters.

Horizontal Integration and UnitedHealth Group have a long history of dedicated partnership. The current UHG mobile career site is a direct result of that partnership—HI’s information architects conducted interviews and tests with users and used that data to port UHG’s site to mobile, streamline job searching, and add a GeoSearch function.

UHG and HI are constantly reassessing and tweaking the careers site, working to keep it at the top of the rankings, pushing the Sitecore CMS to its limits in order to make finding a job clear and easy.

If you’re interested in partnering with HI to build your site, connect with us today.

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