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  • You’ve come for answers. Smart solutions to complicated,
    move-at-the-speed-of-sound business challenges. From compelling creative
    design to technical architectures, from web development to systems
    deployment. This is where we merge razor sharp strategies with thoughtful user
    experiences and adaptable information technologies.

  • User Research

    Who? What? Why? How? We connect with users on a deep and
    meaningful level through interviews and usability studies to find out
    who you're talking to, what they're looking for, why they want to know
    about you and precisely how they use information.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Together, we work to pinpoint your key competitors in the online
    marketplace. What are they saying? What are they selling? What are
    their users experiencing? How can we implement best practices for
    your organization?

  • Web Strategy

    A compelling web experience not only addresses the needs of
    users. It must also accomplish your business objectives to deliver a
    competitive advantage. Our web strategy employs a disciplined
    approach combining the science of web design and art of
    cutting-edge creative.

  • eCommerce Strategy

    We create ecommerce strategies in synch with your business strategies.
    Because ecommerce is more than a website. It's about building your online
    business. Our strategists know how to get people to your site and how to
    keep them them clicking all the way to checkout. We also know what it takes
    to bring customers back for more.

  • Website Analytics

    Insight is critical to successful strategies and an organic process. We pore over
    your site analytics, your original goals and whether the site delivers desired
    customer behavior. We identify gaps and incorporate that understanding into
    every aspect of our process. We do a post-mortem to check data captured on
    the site. We gather user feedback, visitor patterns, sales and traffic, then
    compare that to the core business objectives and fine tune for constant improvement.

  • mobile_strategy_header

    A smart mobile strategy means truly knowing and understanding your
    audience, and tailoring the user experience to that particular device.
    We use our knowledge of mobile to create rich and valuable experiences,
    helping our clients to capitalize on the technology and evolving user
    behavior to achieve their business objectives and maximize their results.

  • mobile_web_design_header

    Sure it's a small screen, but when presented with a stunning visual design,
    mobile technology packs a powerful punch. Our mobile experts are
    highly-skilled at communicating your brand message to mobile devices,
    inspiring your audience to interact, learn more, make a purchase or whatever
    your objective might be.

  • responsive_web_design_header

    In today's market, it is crucial to view the creation of a particular user
    experience holistically. By approaching the experience from a responsive
    Web design perspective, we are proactively creating a seamlessly compatible
    experience across technology mediums. Whether the interaction is happening
    via smart phone, tablet or desktop computer, the user is provided with a
    cohesive experience and relevant content.

  • User Scenario Design

    Here we discover the goals, behaviors and motivations of your
    users. We then create the primary scenarios in which users see
    your company and use your products. These scenarios inform the
    design as we move into execution.

  • Information Architecture

    We implement our user research and user scenarios to develop an
    intuitive site architecture. No matter if it's a website, an
    application, a kiosk or a call center screen--our overriding goal is
    an interface that is easy to navigate, efficient and makes finding
    information a snap.

  • Creative Concepting

    We arm our creative teams with strategy, competitive analysis, user
    scenarios and analytics. Our teams use these tools to create a range of
    creative concepts. We can help create your interactive brand. We can
    build upon your existing brand and customer research. We can deepen a
    customer experience. From there, we'll recommend the concept that
    ties together the tone, look and feel that clicks best with your users.

  • Visual Design

    This is where collaboration comes to the page. Our designers create
    everything from initial concepts and navigation standards to animation,
    type, and final page templates. Through each design step the team
    provides feedback to keep our eye on the final goal— results.

  • Content Strategy

    Our strategists and copywriters work with your team to develop content
    that defines all aspects of the project. Is there enough content to keep a
    user engaged? Does the content move the user through a site as the
    architects intended? Does the content stay true to the brand? Overall, does
    it give the user what they're looking for in your interactive story?

  • Content Development

    The content we deliver goes a long way in building trust and
    loyalty for your key customers. We work lock step with your
    people to gather any and all pertinent content. Our development
    includes copywriting, image assets, graphics photo and video

  • Usability Testing

    We ask many users in many different ways to navigate their way
    around. It gives us invaluable insight and gives us a chance to
    improve the user experience throughout the design and content. In
    short, it lets us know if we've been successful in pulling together
    the look, the feel and the learnings gleaned from day one.

  • Architecture and Planning

    Behind cutting-edge creative designs and cool online experiences,
    lies our well-planned technologies and platforms that enable it all. We
    plan for the success of our clients by crafting technical architectures
    and strategies that are sustainable and scalable. By examining and
    maximizing your current IT investments, we identify technologies that
    can bring a higher level of efficiency and greater business agility.

  • We empower clients with the necessary tools to keep their sites dynamic and relevant.
    Our expertise includes content strategy, content management systems selection and
    the technical design and development of robust content management solutions. Our
    technologists are constantly dabbling with emerging content management technologies
    and paradigms that help simplify our clients' processes. As a Premier Midwest
    Sitecore-Certified Partner, Horizontal Integration has over 25 Enterprise
    Implementations, 55 Enterprise Deployments and 12 Updgrades to its credit.

  • ContentEditorTraining

    We provide content editor training for our clients within the selected
    CMS environment, empowering non-technical marketing individuals to
    seamlessly manage and control a significant amount of site content and
    digital assets. It is our goal to set our clients up to be as
    self-sufficient as possible moving forward.

  • Web Development

    Our websites don't stop at great strategies and great thinking. We walk the talk,
    helping our clients design, develop and maintain technology solutions that ultimately
    deliver on the ideas. Our web solutions development includes website engineering,
    mobile site engineering, portal development, rich internet applications, web services,
    social media tools, web content management integration, globalization strategies, web
    metrics, email campaign management and more.

  • To create value across businesses, clients need to capture a complete view of
    their customers. Our CRM experts apply years of experience to map out key
    customer interaction processes. We examine the entire customer lifecycle and
    create comprehensive CRM strategies and tactics. We help enterprises
    become more agile, customer-centric and profitable by transforming their
    front-office capabilities— from sales and marketing to customer service.

  • System Integration

    We don't just dabble in technology. It's in our DNA. Working hand in hand
    with our user experience experts, our technology architects and developers
    have created some of the most complex integrations on the web. This
    includes ecommerce integrations, search appliances, social networking
    components, video and content delivery networks, email service providers,
    backend ERP systems and custom applications.

  • Application Development

    More than web sites, we bring our technology expertise across all lines of
    development including custom windows based applications, call center
    management applications, sales force automation, marketing automation
    solutions, product catalog management applications and enterprise
    application integrations.

  • UserAcceptanceTesting

    Throughout development, our specialists ensure all software is consistent
    with business requirements. We test every system and make certain each is
    bug-free. We also conduct load testing and security audits. Throughout we
    work closely with your IT specialists to maintain quality from end-to-end.

  • Deployment

    This is where our comprehensive planning, our customized applications and
    our robust technology comes to life in the real world. We migrate code from
    the test environments to production. We retest and validate performance of
    core system units. We test. We double test. We fix. We go live.

  • Social Media

    In today's market, the views of a social network can bring
    unsurpassed credibility to your products and services. Through
    major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and
    YouTube, we invite users to review, blog and share reviews
    among themselves--within their networks and on their own terms.

  • Email and CRM

    Engaging users means creating communication that flows through
    every touch point of the interactive experience. We leverage our
    learnings to maximize user behavior on everything from site
    registration to email click through. This includes targeted email
    marketing campaigns, user profiles and website personalization.

  • Online Media

    More than a banner ad. More than a mobile alert. Our online media
    combines everything we know about users to create an integrated
    campaign beyond your browser windows. We build your brand and
    promote your messaging through search optimization, social
    networks, mobile campaigns and viral marketing throughout the online

  • Search Engine Optimization

    To optimize your search coverage, we maintain strict standards in
    defining SEO strategies. We refine content throughout development
    and deployment. We optimize every area of design and maximize
    technology to capture users throughout the web.

  • Marketing Analytics

    We build, design and develop for just two fundamental reasons— to
    garner user response and gain marketing results. We continually
    measure each and every campaign and improve upon it wherever
    possible to maximize your messaging and your bottom line.

  • Placement Services

    At Horizontal Integration you'll find qualified, talented professionals
    from every discipline representing every skill set. We recruit and place
    our professionals in the way that's most efficient for your project and
    your organization. This includes Contract, Contract-For-Hire or Direct
    Placement. If you choose, we can also maintain Payrolling for your
    independent consultants.

  • Creative Staffing

    When you need to create a communications campaign, you need
    someone who can hit the ground running. We retain some of the best,
    most skilled talent including, Creative Directors, Creative Designers,
    Flash and Web Developers, Information Architects, Copywriters and
    Marketing Managers. Our rigorous qualification process means you'll
    get precisely the right person for precisely the right position.

  • Application Development

    How do we identify and retain the best IT specialists in the industry?
    Through our unsurpassed screening, our understanding of the
    industry and our in-house technology professionals. Here you can hire
    the best in the business including, Enterprise and Application
    Architects, Developers, Database Administrators, Project and Program
    Managers, Quality Assurance Analysts and Business Analysts.

  • Infrastructure Staffing

    Our placement services give you the ability to be as fluid and fast as
    the technology you’re dealing with. Our infrastructure professionals
    are among the most qualified and experienced in the country.
    Ranging from support services, to hardware/software upgrades
    and network installation and support.